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“Reading Broke, USA is enraging, but Rivlin's work also is scrupulously fair... what makes Broke, USA so readable is Rivlin's skill at telling a complex story through engaging characters.”

The ClevelandDealer

"I began to liken the entire Poverty, Inc. industry to those energy companies whose stripmining destroyed vast tracts of wilderness areas.”

Washington Post

“Mr. Rivlin brings to his subject a genuine gift for storytelling”

The Wall Street Journal

A short but sweet writeup in
Time: "The conversation America needs to have is about more than houses."
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"Rivlin opens up, dissects, and eviscerates the gigantic industry of vulture finance...[a] fascinating book."
Dan Okrent,
CNN Money

"A superb expose of the ‘poverty business’… timely, important, and deeply disturbing."

Publishers Weekly

"Rivlin's book is a mustread. It's a riveting piece of work by a firstrate writer."
Don McNay,
The Huffington Post

"Painstakingly researched...Broke, USA is vital reading for those seeking to deepen their understanding of the economic crash of the past few years."
Dan Scheraga,
Associated Press

“Gary Rivlin rivets readers...[a] fascinating book. ”
David Lidsky,
Fast Company

"A powerful the financial sector has come to its current state of crisis."

Booklist (starred review)

“...thorough and thoughtful.evenhanded.eschews hyped language and lets the evidence speak for itself..should be required reading for elected officials.”

James Pressley, Bloomberg News

“...what investigative reporter Gary Rivlin does wonderfully well is relate these tragic tales while exploring how predatory lending works from the inside.”

Chuck Leddy, MinneapolisSt. Paul Star Tribune