The Plot to Get Bill Gates

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"Exquisitely readable...One of the best books on new technology...laugh-out-loud funny."

-The San Francisco Chronicle

The Plot to Get Bill Gates, my third book, is meant as a fun, warts and all look at the World's Richest Man and the corporate titans who, despite their age and all the've accomplished, become teen-boy-like obsessed with proving themselves bigger, better, or smarter than Gates. Think Moby Dick in Silicon Valley, where a loose knit cabal of Silicon Valley's wealthiest and most successful leaders make up a kind of Capt. Ahab's club distracted by the Great White Whale from Redmond, Wash. Yet Gates, the slope-shouldered billionaire with bad hair only seems to grow bigger, hungrier, and more dangerous after each attack.

"Mr. Rivlin has performed the not inconsiderable task of taking an already overworked subject and saying something new not only about it but about what it reveals about the rest of us."

-Richard Bernstein, The New York Times

"Informative and entertaining....Rivlin, an investigative reporter, probably musters as much sympathy for Gates as anyone outside Microsoft ever has, but the portrait he paints is utterly devastating."

-Jonathan Yardley, The Washington Post

"A resourceful reporter, a passionate writer, and a marvelous storyteller."

-Clarence Page, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist

"What a sweet book this is – so shrewd about the larger-than-life personalities who rule the world of computer software; so joyously written; so filled with both rollicking tales of the software wars and powerful insights about the nature of high-tech competition."

-Joseph Nocera, editor-at large, Fortune

"Rivlin captures the fear and loathing of Gates with snappy prose, keen analysis...and laugh-out-loud funny profile of Silicon Valley's personalities and their world-class egos....The result is one of the best books on new technology so far."

-Jon Swartz, The San Francisco Chronicle

"The Plot to Get Bill Gates makes for a fun read that in a few places is downright laugh-out-loud funny. Rivlin is a good writer. His insights into the zeitgeist of high-tech business…cut to the quick."

-Business 2.0

"Gary Rivlin's book has the merit of a quick and clear-eyed wit, a knack for the telling detail that twists the knife in the wound at just the right moment, and impressive talent for data compression."

-Duane Davis, Rocky Mountain News

"The Plot to Get Bill Gates combines impressive reporting, original analysis and a keen eye for telling details that illuminate a larger story of mass obsession. This is Melville updated for our times, with a Politically Incorrect twist of humor."

-Randall Stross, author of The Microsoft Way