I always enjoy talking about my work – and welcome any inquiries about having me visit as a speaker.

If interested in my speaking before your group or at a meeting, please contact me at:

With a quick wit and a knack for insight, Gary Rivlin illuminates new perspectives on complex policy issues. He tells engaging tales from his journey exploring the underbelly of our economy.

New America Foundation’s Reid Cramer

You were the highlight of our conference.

Kate Little after I gave a keynote at a housing conference she organized in Atlanta

Here’s a talk I gave that was first broadcast on CSPAN on August 29, 2015, which was the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. I also was a featured speaker that day at Rising Tide X, an annual conference about the future of New Orleans.

I gave around 20 speeches about the poverty industry in the years after publishing my book, BROKE, USA, including a talk at the Federal Reserve and Notre Dame’s Center for Social Concerns. Here I’m speaking at the Cleveland City Club.

Here I’m giving a talk at the New America Foundation in Washington, DC