Investigative Fund

Public Pensions for Sale

A three-part series about how public pensions are wasting tens of billions of dollars each year on high-fee Wall Street products that don’t seem to benefit anyone but those selling them

Secrets of the Tax Prep Business

An article in Mother Jones about the fat profits the big tax prep chains make in lower-income neighborhoods.

Government by Goldman

A profile of Gary Cohn, a top villain of the subprime crisis who the populist president names as his top economic adviser. Winner of a 2018 New York Press Club award.

The Lasting Effects of Hurricane Katrina

An article I wrote for Rolling Stone about the kids of Katrina. Roughly 160,000 kids were displaced by Katrina. The average child moved 7.2 times after the storm. Five years after Katrina, the average Katrina Kid was suffering four time the number of “serious emotional disturbances.”

How Wall Street Defanged Dodd-Frank

I write more about the fight to derail and defang Dodd-Frank.

Talking Dodd-Frank on Fresh Air, May 8, 2013

The Billion Dollar Bank Heist

It turns out that passage of a sweeping financial reform measure was only step one in the fight over Dodd-Frank.

The Bureau of Resistance.

An “On Money” column on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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