New York Times

All Parts of City to Rebuild Under New Orleans Plan

I scoop even the New Orleans Times-Picayune in reporting that the city will allow residents to rebuild anywhere they like, no matter how vulnerable a neighborhood to future flooding.

Rich Neighborhood, Poor Neighborhood

Class as it was playing out in the rebuilding of New Orleans

Cash Now, Questions Later

My first of a series of dispatches following a single business as it struggled to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina

Post-Bubble Stress Syndrome in Silicon Valley

Where every small blip resembles a giant bubble about to pop. Appearing in the Times’s Week in Review

The Working Class Millionaires of Silicon Valley

Struggling to get by on $3 million a year: a part of the Times’s “Age of Riches” series.

The Sniffer versus the Cybercrooks

a profile I wrote for the Sunday Business section of the Times.

It’s Not Google. It’s That Other Big I.P.O.

My first weeks covering Silicon Valley for the New York Times, I inadvertently delay an IPO.

Why New Orleans’s Black Residents Are Still Under Water

A spin-off from KATRINA that appeared in The New York Times Magazine,  The black narrative of Katrina and the white one.

The Bureau of Resistance.

An “On Money” column on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Still Underwater Ten Years After Katrina

The story of New Orleans through the eyes of a banker I would shadow off and on for the better part of a decade.

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