Post-Bubble Stress Syndrome in Silicon Valley

Where every small blip resembles a giant bubble about to pop. Appearing in the Times’s Week in Review

The Sniffer versus the Cybercrooks

a profile I wrote for the Sunday Business section of the Times.

It’s Not Google. It’s That Other Big I.P.O.

My first weeks covering Silicon Valley for the New York Times, I inadvertently delay an IPO.

Leader of the Free World

A profile of super-geek Linus Torvalds for the cover of Wired magazine.

The Madness of King George

George Gilder weighs the cost of his pie-eyed tech optimism.

“Mao Didn’t Really Like Me”

A Long March from Mao to Microsoft: one American’s journey from communist party insider to BMW-driving capitalist.

Hewlett-Packard unceremoniously dumps CEO Carly Fiorina

Won “best in business writing” award in the breaking news category from The Society of American Business Editors and Writers

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