The Working Class Millionaires of Silicon Valley

Struggling to get by on $3 million a year: a part of the Times’s “Age of Riches” series.

Murder Victim #98

A lot of kids were getting killed in Oakland, Calif in the early 1990s but few seemed to care. My “revenge,” as someone else wrote about me, was a 10,000-word article on a single murder. The first in a series of articles on youth violence that would help me win Bay Area Journalist of the Year that year.

Who Killed Rudy Lozano?

They caught the junkie who took a few thousand dollars in drugs and cash to do the murder. But never the people ordering him killed. I’ve never been so scared on a story in my life but well worth it. This might be #1 on this list if it were online (and if I were able to edit my younger self and trim it down from 12,500 words)

Still Underwater Ten Years After Katrina

The story of New Orleans through the eyes of a banker I would shadow off and on for the better part of a decade.

Stray Bullet

Holding on to hope inside a criminal justice system bent on extinguishing it

The Madness of King George

George Gilder weighs the cost of his pie-eyed tech optimism.

The Tug of the New-Fangled Slot Machine

I go inside a slot machine factory for the New York Times Magazine. The diabolical brilliance of this modern-day marvel that generates the bulk of any casino’s profits.

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