Who Killed Rudy Lozano?

Police and prosecutors went after the kid who pulled the trigger when the barrio’s most promising politician was killed at 31. Did they overlook the ones who pulled the strings?

The Working Class Millionaires of Silicon Valley

Struggling to get by on $3 million a year: a part of the Times’s “Age of Riches” series.

Murder Victim #98

A lot of kids were getting killed in Oakland, Calif in the early 1990s but few seemed to care. My “revenge,” as someone else wrote about me, was a 10,000-word article on a single murder. The first in a series of articles on youth violence that would help me win Bay Area Journalist of the Year that year.

Still Underwater Ten Years After Katrina

The story of New Orleans through the eyes of a banker I would shadow off and on for the better part of a decade.

Stray Bullet

Holding on to hope inside a criminal justice system bent on extinguishing it

The Madness of King George

George Gilder weighs the cost of his pie-eyed tech optimism.

The Tug of the New-Fangled Slot Machine

I go inside a slot machine factory for the New York Times Magazine. The diabolical brilliance of this modern-day marvel that generates the bulk of any casino’s profits.

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