Line Break

"Rivlin’s gift is his ability to make his subjects whole and human."

-Zachary Dowdy, Boston Globe

"A gifted California reporter…[with] a sharp eye and a clear voice."

-Boyd Tonkin, New Statesman (Great Britain)

I go inside a slot machine factory for the New York Times Magazine. The diabolical brilliance of this modern-day marvel that generates the bulk of any casino’s profits. “The Tug of the New-Fangled Slot Machine.”

The Working Class Millionaires of Silicon Valley” Struggling to get by on $3 million, a part of the Times’s “Age of Riches” series.

I spent the better part of eight months in New Orleans, post-Katrina, for The New York Times. My initial assignment: follow a single business as it struggles to survive. My first dispatch about a black-owned bank called Liberty.

One year after the storm: “A Bank Survives Katrina. Now, the Hard Part.

An early posting in the Times, post-Katrina, touted by the Drudge Report as the first burst of optimism from the region.

I scoop even the New Orleans Times Picayune, providing the first glimpse at the plan to rebuild New Orleans.

Rich neighborhoods, poor neighborhoods: wealth, class and recovery in New Orleans.

One man’s quest to get filthy rich off Katrina, for The New York Times Magazine.

Mao didn’t really like me”—one American’s journey from communist party insider to a BMW-driving capitalist.

My first month at The New York Times, I inadvertently delay an IPO.

The inside story of how Friendster blew it for the Sunday Business section of the Times.

Hewlett Packard unceremoniously dumps CEO Carly Fiorina. My news article, which won a “best in business writing” award in the breaking news category from The Society of American Business Editors and Writers.

A glimpse at Google’s more ruthless side on A1 of the Times.

The Sniffer versus the Cybercrooks,” for the Sunday Business section of the Times.

Post-bubble Stress Syndrome in Silicon Valley for the NY Times's “Week in Review” section.

The Madness of King George,” Wired, July 2002. George Gilder weighs the cost of his pie-eyed tech optimism.

An article of mine that appeared in Newsweek one year after the Nasdaq’s great fall.

"AOL’s Rough Riders," The Industry Standard, Oct. 30, 2000. This article won the 2001 Gerald Loeb Award for Distinguished Business and Financial Journalism.

"My 5 Minutes with Bill Gates,", 1999.